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Stormwater Management

Drop in the Bowl

Drop in the Bowl is a highly  polished stainless steel water drop resting in an earthen bowl. The sculpture is symbolic, inviting the viewer to engage, inhabit and bond with water. It encourages you to touch, embrace and live with water while telling us that we’ve got to add water to New Orleans' topographic bowl. 


Drop in the Bowl allows you to see yourself within the context of the environment. In that way, it pays homage to Chicago’s Cloud Gate. You see you.  But you also see the real environment juxtaposed to the surreal when viewed through the convex surface of the drop.  Masses and spaces are stretched, becoming something else.  

Stainless steel water beads rest below the drop and display  facts about water such as: 

•Blueways increase the region’s stormwater  storage capacity; or 

•Groundwater keeps the soil moist and stable. 


The basin infiltrates water and serves as a vehicle for demonstrating green infrastructure. Concentric circles of  native muhly grass move gracefully in the wind, evoking ripples of water in a bowl.


Drop in the Bowl, is a clean, simple water drop. It's the quintessential icon that marries water, vision, environment and place.

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