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Tactical Urbanism

Paradise Lost | Paradise Found 

Final Farr Landscape - edited.PNG

Warning! gave birth to the Paradise Lost | Paradise Found campaign. It evolved from a sketch drawn by architect Douglas Farr in response to seeing the Claiborne Expressway. The final iteration, Claiborne, We Want You Gone!, reinterprets Mr. Farr's vision, which draws insights from different fields that include licensed design professionals who are obligated to uphold public health, safety, and welfare.


Regardless of the professionals' obligation to guard the public's well-being, the expressway has been allowed to deteriorate, clearly harming the communities it passes through by compromising public health, segregating neighborhoods, and suppressing real estate values.


When the Claiborne Expressway turned 50 years old, it seemed obvious to give it an expiration date showing that it had passed its prime. According to Mr. Farr, this is what we do for any product that no longer provides a benefit.

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