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Coleman Park

The revitalization of Coleman Park provided an opportunity to study the existing architectural and urban design patterns of one of West Palm Beach, Florida's oldest African-American neighborhoods. It was important to document the architectural and urban design patterns of the community through digital photographs and  building conditions surveys.


The documentation  was used to guide the authorship of a future land use amendment to the city’s comprehensive plan to  promote appropriate land uses and development patterns consistent with the character of the community.


In order to  regulate future growth and development and develop standards for new construction, a zoning  overlay  was developed for the neighborhood and codified for the city’s zoning and land development regulations.

In addition, neighborhood residents and business owners produced an action plan for Coleman Park and the adjacent  Northwest  neighborhood. The plan analyzes existing conditions;  recommends achievable goals for a neglected commercial corridor that traverses both neighborhoods; and serves as a guide to support reinvestment in the community.

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